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About Us

Connecticut Document Services is the premier research, information, and document retrieval service firm located within the state of Connecticut. With over 35 years of experience, coupled with our extensive knowledge, we are able to provide our customers with quality service that leaves them satisfied every time. We never embrace the concept of a one-size-fits-all product, and by working directly with you we formulate a customized solution for the informational needs of your business or organization. Our systematic style and approach provides us a better understanding of your objectives, enabling you to achieve desired results. Whether you need a recording done, documents retrieved, due diligence or anything in between, our customized support services and solutions will give your business an advantage in today's marketplace.

Checking Text on a Document
Power of Attorney
How We Do It

We have a staff of 15 or more drivers on the road every single day. They are sent to every county of the state, and to different areas. While they are driving we have an Assignment Coordinator back in the office to direct our drivers. This ensures that every order is done in a timely fashion and is done in a way that makes sense. 

Before we send our staff out we go over any notes regarding the job. This includes any request or nuance to your order to make certain that we get it done correctly the first time. Our staff are also extensively trained to be able to problem solve on the fly. They know the questions to ask and when to ask them! Let us show you why so many have chosen Connecticut Document Services!

Company Guarantee

Connecticut Document Services guarantees your order will be done to your satisfaction or the job is FREE! Things happen: traffic, weather and who knows what else. If we don't get your order done right, you don't pay! The customer is always right!

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